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Mission: The mission of the Hart County Charter System is to prepare all individuals to meet tomorrow’s challenges by providing quality educational opportunities today.

Vision: Hart County Schools will be recognized for educational excellence.




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Title 1

Hart County Middle School is a School Wide Title 1 School.  We follow all guidelines as required by the Federal Title 1 Requirements. Information about School Wide Plan, Flexibility Waivers, School Compact, and Parental Involvement Policy are available in the folder below.  If at any time, you have any questions and or suggestions about our program please contact Sonia Cobb at scobb@hart.k12.ga.us or 706-376-5431.






Meet The Teacher

Meet The Teacher

When Deciding on What to Wear this School Year.............

HCMS Dress Code

Student appearance and dress should reflect appropriate choices for the educational setting.  The following rules have been proposed to apply to student and school personnel dress.

·       Extremes should always be avoided.  If in doubt, wear something else.  School administrators will prohibit the wearing of any garment or article that causes or has the potential to cause disruption or interference with the educational setting or process.

·       All shorts, dresses, and skirts, (including slits) shall hang to extended fingers or longer (except for PE)

·       Sleeveless garments are appropriate as long as they are non-revealing around the shoulders and arms and no undergarments are exposed.  Tank tops or spaghetti straps may not be worn alone.  Males must wear shirts with sleeves.    A tank top is rounded in the front, covers up the back and is sleeveless.  An open back on any type of shirt is not allowed.  If in doubt, wear a cami or a tank underneath.  Further explanation about see-through tops (lace or sheer) students must wear a solid top underneath with straps at least 2” wide and bra straps may not be showing at any time.  

·       Any clothing that is destroyed*, distressed*, frayed*, tattered*, ripped, shredded, patched, or contains holes placed by the manufacturer, or is self-altered, or is from natural wear and tear is prohibited. Bottom line:  No holes or shredded/frayed spots in any clothing anywhere, at any time

o   *destroyed – The manufacturer places holes in various locations to give a worn look.

o   *distressed – The material has some nicking and grinding and commonly has a pinched look waistband for the broken look.

o   *frayed – Hems are frayed to give a worn look.

o   *tattered – Ragged, in shreds, torn

·       Bike shorts are inappropriate and therefore shall not be worn.

·       Pants and shorts should be fitted at the waist and cover the entire buttocks area without drooping.  Underwear must not be exposed.  No mesh, see-through, tight, low cut, leggings/tights, or otherwise revealing garments may be worn alone.  The stomach and back shall be covered at all times. Further explanation about boys pants:  If pants are sagging, showing any of bottom and/or undergarment and the student does not have on a belt, he will be sent to the front office to get a cinch tie to put between 2 belt loops to cinch up his pants.  If pants are sagging the student does have on a belt, he will be required to tighten his belt.  

·       Leggings and tights may NOT be worn ALONE.  They must be covered with a top/dress that comes to the end of extended fingertips.

·       Any type of athletic sweatpants, nylon elastic pants or shorts are inappropriate attire and shall not be worn.  The accepted pants will be jeans, fabric, cotton twill pants such as khaki of any color, etc. Most accepted pants will have belt loops.  Boys are required to wear belts if pants are too big, then belts are necessary.  Belts must be buckled at all times.  

·       Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times on school grounds and away from school when attending school functions.  Shoes with laces must be tied.  Bedroom slippers are not permissible.  

·       Hems may be rolled, but pant legs must be even on both sides.  

·       Hats, caps, athletic sweatbands, bandanas, doo-rags, hoods, or other head coverings, and sunglasses will not be worn inside the building during the regular school day.  Fish hooks are not permitted to be worn on hats.  (Further explanation on bandanas:  whether a bandana is rolled up to make a headband or folded in half, it is still a bandana).  

·       Facial, tongue or body piercing jewelry is not acceptable.  Pierced earrings are appropriate.  No nose studs, lip rings, etc.  

·       Students may not draw or carve inappropriate or unacceptable graphics on their bodies, their clothing, backpacks, their books, paper and folders.

·       Clothing must fit appropriately and not be too tight or too loose.  

·       Vulgar, obscene or suggestive writing on clothing, and advertisements of drugs, tobacco or alcoholic beverages may not be worn.  Nor shall student clothing display words or symbols that advocate violence, drugs, sex, illegal gang affiliation or other expressed or implied illegal activity.  

·       No chains can be worn.

Important 2016-2017 Photography Dates!

08/16 - Softball Team/Individual Pictures

08/26 - HCMS Fall Pictures

08/27 - Football & Cheer Team/Individual Pictures

09/13 - Cross Country Team/Individual Pictures

09/14 - Volleyball Team/Individual Pictures

10/05 - HCMS Fall Picture Retake Day - Retakes are for those who were absent on the original Fall picture day or if there is a photography error.  See Mrs. Wilson ASAP for photography errors on packages.


Georgia Parent Survey

The Georgia Parent Survey is also modeled after the student survey and contains 24 questions. Parents may complete the survey using their personal computer, smartphones or tablet.  All parents should be encouraged to participate in the Georgia Parent Survey because the data will be used as part of the calculation of the School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. The URL address for the Georgia Parent Survey is posted below.

Georgia Parent Survey:


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